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Society tends to move forward and along with society comes the purchasing of consumer goods. An item that has recently stood at the top of sales on leading auction sites is Coach Purses. Coach is a superior brand offering high quality products generally at expensive prices. With the increase in purchases of course there is an increase in the number of stores and nearly all major cities across the United States either has a coach outlet store nearby or a major retailer like Macy's which sells Coach products.

Now a problem arises when a store is not available locally, people who are not in major cities tend to buy products online. Along with making any purchases online, another major problem that arises with buying Coach Purses is the problem of authenticity. There are many people who purchase fake Coach Purses and try to pass them off as authentic second hand purses at a discounted price. When a person is looking to purchase a Coach bag they should try to take all precautions to ensure that the product is deal.

One can never be sure if the product is real unless it is taken to a Coach store and even then sometimes the employees have problems. Furthermore, the primary way that these fake purses are sold is through auctions where the seller puts a picture of a receipt next to the purse. But, there are many sites available online that offer receipts that have been gathered from the internet for people to download and use when they are selling their own products.

In conclusion make sure to see who you are buying your ladies hand purse images from. If it is an auction make sure that the person has a lot of positive feedback. If you see a seller has 1000 feedback as opposed to a seller with only 30, buy it from the person with 1000 even if it costs a little bit more because then you can at least be confident that your purse is real.

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